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Links to Iceland trip to lead services on Yom Kippur, during the time of the
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military chapel.)
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Hebrew articles from Israeli papers:
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Family information:
-Grandfather: Rabbi Mnachem HaKohen Risikoff
-Great-grandfather: Rabbi Zvi Yosef Resnick
-Brother: Joel Resnicoff
-Brother: Rabbi Steven Resnicoff
-Daughter: Malka Zeefe
First US Days of Remembrance of
the Victims of the Holocaust service
on a US Navy ship, May 1984.
Rabbi Seymour Siegel (center), then
Executive Director of the U.S.
Holocaust Memorial Council, meets the
Sixth Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral
Edward Martin (right), and Assistant
Sixth Fleet Chaplain Arnold Resnicoff
(left), to discuss the participation of
U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet ships in the U.S.
annual Days of Remembrance of the
Victims of the Holocaust. USS Puget
Sound, Gaeta, Italy, 1984.
                        Quote from Life Magazine
                        January 1984 Edition


I have been watching these men doing the clearing,
and this is when they get the most emotional.  It's
when they have to pick up the birthday cards and the
wedding pictures strewn around the rubble that it hits
them that all of these people were individuals.
Lt.Comdr. Arnold Resnicoff,rabbi of the Sixth Fleet
MOMENT magazine
1991 International
Community Service
to accompany the


January 31, 2000
Department of Defense
Guide to observances
for the Days of
Remembrance of
Victims of the Holocaust
(first edition)
Delivering the commissioning prayer for the Israeli ship
INS Eilat, Pascagoula, MS, March 19, 1993. The Eilat was
the first in a new class of combatant "corvette" ships,built
as a joint US-Israeli project. Speakers at the
commissioning included Rear Admiral Ami Ayalon,
Commander in Chief, Israeli Navy, and the Honorable
Ismar Rabinovich, Israeli Ambassador to the United States.
March 1996: Rabbi
Resnicoff has the honor
of "frocking" the Navy's
first Muslim Chaplain,
Monje Malak Abd al-Muta
Noel Jr, after
coordinating a special
two week training
program for him at Naval
Submarine Base New
London (CT).
LEFT:  US Military Chiefs of Chaplains
visit Israel, 1998-1999.  As Command
Chaplain for the U.S. European
Command, Chaplain Resnicoff hosted
and coordinated the first official visits for
the Army, Navy, and Air Force Chiefs of
Chaplains to Israel, one of the nations
within the USEUCOM Area of
Responsibility (AOR).  
Left, upper: US
Navy Rear Admiral Byron Holderby (USN
Chief of Chaplains, second from right,
next to Chaplain Resnicoff) plants a tree
at Israel's
John F. Kennedy Memorial,
(August 1998) and
(left, lower)  Major
General William Dendinger (USAF Chief
of Chaplains, seated far left) and Major
General Donald Shea (US Army Chief of
Chaplains, seated second from right, next
to Chaplain Resnicoff) at a dinner with
Israeli religious leaders of different faiths,
May 1999 (Click photos for more info.)
Based on his original translation of a Biblical verse
from Isaiah, Rabbi Resnicoff had this
11 foot x 7
foot wall-hanging  created as a community project
by the members of the
Commodore Levy Chapel,
Naval Station Norfolk, The Commodore Levy
Chapel is  the oldest Jewish Chapel in the Navy,
and one of two Navy chapels named for American
Navy hero
Uriah P. Levy.
A Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) for the United
States Naval Academy.  In 1989, Rabbi
Resnicoff and Naval Academy chaplain
Norman Auerbach traveled to Westminster
Synagogue (United Kingdom) to pick up a
rescued Holocaust Torah for the U.S. Naval
Academy Chapel. The scroll, protected by
glass,  is on display for all visitors.
A Navy conference helps a rabbi's teaching
reach Christian teachers and students around
the world.   Read the
acknowledgement in this
book to see how Rabbi Resnicoff's love of the
works of his teacher Rabbi Max Kadushin
inspired Christian educator Locke E. Bowman,
Jr. to learn more about him -- and then to
share Kadushin's ideas through the book,
"Teaching for Christian Hearts,Souls, and
1980, Naval Station, Norfolk:
Resnicoff served on Navy "Blue Ribbon
Panel" that recommended Jewish Chaplain
insignia be changed from Roman Numerals
to Hebrew letters. Change officially made in
1981 for Navy, followed by Army and Air
Force. Deadline for all Jewish chaplains to
make the change: January 1, 1983.
Interfaith Foxholes:
In Beirut there were Muslim foxholes,
Christian (Phalangist) foxholes, Jewish (IDF)
foxholes,but we Americans had "interfaith
foxholes." I thought then -- and since -- that
if the world had more interfaith foxholes we
might have less need for foxholes, and more
room for faith.
Left, Upper: Jewish War
Veterans 1990 Calendar:
Photo montage for
October: Resnicoff
Goode, one of the
Four Chaplains.
From the caption:
"Rabbis in the military
have always played a
vital role in attending to
the spiritual needs of
Jewish and non-Jewish
soldiers alike."
Left, Lower: Jewish War
Veterans 2019 Calendar,
October. Photos from
Camp Hope (Albania),
Vietnam, and the
Pentagon. (Click for
better resolution.)
Above: Resnicoff's
daughter Malka wears a
souvenir of the 1986
Reagan-Gorbachev talks
in  Iceland, where her father
conducted Jewish High
Holy Day services during
the historic meetings.
to accompany
With Congressional leaders
following 6 FEB 2019
prayer to open the House.
Left to Right:
Rep Don Beyer (VA)
Rabbi Resnicoff
Speaker Nancy Pelosi
House Chaplain Pat Conroy
The Treasury of
American Prayer,
Doubleday Press,
2008. Includes two of
Rabbi Resnicoff's
prayers -- the only
rabbinic prayers included
in the collection.